The History of Persian Art

Persian Chariot 300x233 - The History of Persian ArtTo understand the history of Persian art you need to appreciate what the Iron Age Dynasty was. In approximately 550 B.C. Cyrus the Great began to create what would become the Persian Empire.Stretching from the great Indus Valley to Northern Greece and from Central Asia to Egypt.

It was unrivaled in its reach for nearly 200 years .

An international melting pot of art, culture, religion science and technology.

Persian Empire Map - The History of Persian Art

Building waterways and roads to simplify travel through revolutionary engineering never before conceived. And more efficient communication systems, including the first postal service.

Persian Ruins 300x225 - The History of Persian Art

Persia was a multi ethnic empire. Accepting and respecting its inhabitants various faiths languages and political configurations. Whenever a culture was assimilated into the empire, their artistic influences where infused into the empire. Obviously very proud of this, the diverse peoples and cultures can be seen in various art mediums.

Examples of this can be found in reliefs from Persepolis, as well as rock carvings at Naqsh-e Rustam.

Persian Rock Carving 300x177 - The History of Persian ArtWith true appreciation for beauty, they created art in all its various forms. Including everything from metalwork to architecture. One of the most predominant examples of this appreciation was weaving. Hand woven Persian rugs decorated the walls and floors of halls, homes and tents.

Even the ancient Greeks prized these spectacular pieces of art, famous for their elaborate design and bright colors.

Persian Carpet Making 400x267 - The History of Persian Art

Tragically due to failed invasions of Greece and the strain it put on Persian resources, this magnificent Empire begun its decline in 480 BC. culminating in its final fall to Alexander the Great in 330 BC.

Despite this Persian Art has become one of the richest heritages in world art history and includes many disciplines such as architecture, painting, literature, music, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metalworking and stone-masonry.

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