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“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest, where no one sees you, But sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.” -Rumi

They begin by His inspiration, they are fashioned in his remembrance and completed for His pleasure.

Custom Art Designer

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Unleash your creativity and co-create beautiful Art with us!

Use the XPRESSOR, our custom art designer to configure unique and beautiful displays for your home. You have the freedom to create something truly special with one of the following production methods:

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Download your completed XPRESSOR design image in high definition (300DPI) print quality. Save on shipping costs and print it on canvas yourself.

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Order a full color, high resolution canvas print of your design. All our prints are made with only the best quality materials and are hand-crafted with the highest amount of care and attention to details.

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Order a hand painted representation of your design in the medium of your choice, rendered beautifully by one of our talented artists.

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And the Sky is not the Limit

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Process over Outcome

Through inspiration they move the Faithful.

We love painting beautiful and unique faith inspired art, each drawn from deep within so as to resonate with many throughout time. We would love nothing more than for our collection to fill the walls of homes across the world.


Days of deep reflection.

In the beginning

It is without question that each artist has their own unique set of influences that brings inspiration to their artwork. For us it is our relationship with the Most High, and our journey inward in attempt to better understand the self as it relates to this Divinity and all its creation.


Days of deep contemplation

Capturing the essence

We then progress onto deliberation on how best to capture the essence of the insight or lesson gifted by the experience. This process often involves days of contemplation searching for inspired clarity in visualisation of the desired outcome.


Bringing it all together

Choosing the right elements

Thereafter begins the process of design, matching various different elements, such as sacred geometric patterns or symbols with scriptural verses, inspiring quotes or poetry. Choosing the right size, mediums, colors, fonts, and calligraphy style.


Complete Immersion

Immersed in the process

Then only does the paintbrush meet the canvas for the first time. The focus shifts from outcome to process, and for the duration of their engagement the artist remains in HIS remembrance and contemplation of the meaning being portrayed.

Given the above process, we are sure that u can appreciate that each piece takes considerable time to produce, and although we do make every effort to price them fairly, we realize that these originals may not be affordable to all.

We have therefore made available, apart from the original hand painted version, high resolution printed reproductions as well as high resolution print quality image downloads of this stunning collection for you to print yourself. You can select from various sizes printed on canvas, wood, PVC, metal, acrylic as well as framed versions.

Please do however feel free to contact us should you require any further customisation.

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